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Web Design Services by Bulldog

Capturing the reaction wanted from your online leads.

Your website can be a very powerful promotional tool for your small business. We want your message to capture the exact reaction you want from your online leads.

No matter your industry, your website should be a driving force behind your overall marketing and branding strategies.

Let's face it, you want a site you can show off and be proud of. A website that will engage your audience. How many pamphlets, business cards, emails, or other marketing pieces prominently feature your website? More than likely they all do-further showing the importance of design. If the most powerful tool for informing and engaging new prospects isn't presenting the image and reputation you have worked so tirelessly to build, It's highly possible you could be missing out on potential growth opportunities.

Don't say it! I know! Your friend of a friend or cousin built you a really pretty site however no one can find it. There's much more involved in a site design than just being pretty. Your website designer should include factors that you have probably read or overheard. Some of these factors are:

  • Meta Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Descriptions
  • Edits
  • Keywords
  • Alt Images
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Rich Snippet Implementation

Your website should represent your branding and overall marketing strategy. Your site should load fast and be easy to navigate.

If you are looking for website design or re-design services, let Bulldog Internet and Social Media Marketing help your small business reach your goals. We recognize and understand that you need a one-stop-shop for custom website design, internet marketing, web hosting, mobile design, and search engine optimization.
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Better small business websites- Custom designed for results:
At Bulldog Small Business Web Design & Marketing, our design process starts with a clear assessment of your goals. We listen to you and build each and every site specifically to achieve your definition of success.

Our design philosophy breaks the bounds of traditional web design. Every project is built from the ground floor up with SEO best practices, to ensure your new site the best chance for success. Our designs are clean, easy to navigate, and provide clear calls to action.

We start with expert keyword research and competitive analysis, which drives the structure and content of your site. Content is king for the search engines and it’s one of the most important aspects of your site’s deign. If you need assistance writing your content, we can provide it as we have years of experience writing compelling SEO driven content for a variety of industries.

The visual design process starts in Photoshop, not an HTML editor, allowing us the freedom to approach each project from a traditional visual perspective, not one driven by the code. Working within the logistical parameters of the web is our only limitation.

We are committed to producing web solutions that break the mold and push the boundaries of the technology in a pragmatic fashion, one that allows our clients to communicate their value to clients in new and effective ways.